2015 Volleyball Camp Tour- Macalester

By: Kelsey Whaley

There probably are not many people who get as excited for the start of the college volleyball season as I do, but they should, especially with the teams in the MIAC. Every year, the conference produces some of the top teams in Division III, including three that were ranked in the top 25 during the 2014 season. 

With that in mind, it is officially time for volleyball season and the MIAC Volleyball Camp Tour to begin. First stop: Macalester College, and a team that is looking bounce back as a contender for the first time in many years.

Special thanks to head coach Annie Doman, her staff, and the Scots volleyball team for letting me invade their practice on Tuesday. I had a blast both on campus and at practice. Also, thank you to the manager of the team, who shook my hand and pointed me in the right direction as soon as I walked in the gym.

In honor of the six starters per team (sorry liberos, I had to take the traditional route), I have six observations after spending a practice with the Macalester Volleyball team.

  1. They have depth- the Scots have an extremely deep and versatile team this season, meaning they have several players who can play different positions. Sometimes, that can get teams in trouble. A player who can fit in at many positions is not always a master at one. The Macalester players do not have this problem. The hitters are very adaptable, especially on the right and left sides, and they have several players who can enter the back row on defense and make a difference. This gives Coach Doman plenty of options for starting lineups.  
  2. The have energy- it was only day two of camp when I visited, but the energy in
    Senior setter/right side hitter Arianna Hesterberg
    makes a set during practice
    the gym was undeniable. The players want to be at practice. They want to improve and learn more about the sport. They want to be contenders and compete for a spot in the conference tournament. That drive shows in all facets of practice, even when it's almost over.
  3. They have fun- this might be the most important aspect of volleyball. The energy the players and coaches have is clearly on display in a positive fashion. The players have fun during drills, which isn’t always the case. Practice can be long, grueling, and difficult, especially at the beginning, but the players and coaching staff at Macalester really seemed to enjoy themselves.
  4. They are smart- the players are intelligent, both athletically and academically. Macalester received AVCA all academic team honors last season. Those book smarts translate well on the court, especially for the setters, who have to make split second decisions on offense.
  5. Macalester players watch as head coach
    Annie Doman explains a drill during practice
    Their coach believes- while the players are crucial to the success of a team (without them, there would be no team), they need someone to give them instruction, direction, and believe in their performance. For Macalester, that is provided by their head coach. Coach Doman is dedicated to making the Scots a competitor in the conference, and has the tools to be successful for many years to come.
  6. Everyone is dedicated- Yes, everyone in this program is dedicated to volleyball, not just the players. The coaches, manager, trainer... everyone is at practice to make the team better. They love Macalester and they love volleyball! Just like their coach, the players want to be in the playoff hunt in October, and they have the mentality to do it.

So, with this as evidence, I would say it’s time to get excited about the volleyball season!

Where to next?
Next up on the Volleyball Camp Tour is a stop at Saint Mary’s University on Saturday! Make sure to tune into Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where I’ll be posting live from their Red/White game. Also, make sure to check out Matt’s Football Camp Tour to read even more about your favorite MIAC programs!

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