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The second-annual NCAA Division III Week runs from Monday, April 8, to Sunday, April 14. To help in this week-long celebration of all the attributes that makes Division III great, the MIAC Media Blog is highlighting some of the members of the conference's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.
The MIAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) supports student-athletes by providing the communication of ideas and concerns between student-athletes and the MIAC within a structure that will promote active involvement. MIAC SAAC is also committed to engaging in campus and community service projects and to serving as positive role models for their peers and younger student-athletes.
Join us in celebrating Division III athletics throughout the week, and get to know some of the MIAC SAAC student-athletes. Happy Division III Week!
MIAC Media Blog - Division III Week SAAC Q&A
Domenic Fraboni, Concordia College
Name: Domenic Fraboni (Bio)
School: Concordia College
Sport: Football
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Princeton, Minn.
Major: Exercise Science
Minors: Biology and Psychology
MIAC: What do you think is the most important aspect of NCAA Division III that should be celebrated during Division III Week?
FRABONI: I think that each institution needs to focus on the cumulative accomplishments that their entire population has achieved throughout the year. Although athletic accomplishments are great, we should try placing some focus on academic achievements as well as community service. 
MIAC: What is your favorite aspect of being a Division III and MIAC student-athlete?
FRABONI: My favorite part of being a student athlete at the D-III level is the overwhelming sense of community everyone shares. On every level, within my own sport, institution and at the MIAC level ... outside of competition ... we are like one big family.
MIAC: Name someone at your school who has made a huge impact on either your athletic or academic career. How has their guidance influenced you?
FRABONI: Someone very influential to me was Rachel Bergeson.  She was the advisor to our SAAC my freshman year and hugely impacted my year. She helped push to get us more and more involved in our school, community and Special Olympics. Since then, I continually want to become more involved in SAAC and in my community.
MIAC: What's your favorite athletic moment of your college career so far?
Domenic Fraboni (46) and the Cobbers take the field for
their big win over Saint John's this fall.
(Photo courtesy of Concordia Sports Information)
FRABONI: My favorite athletic moment so far would have to be our game this year against Saint John's.  It was a great game and ended up being the first time we beat them at home in 26 years. Being a part of breaking that streak was very memorable.
MIAC: What's your favorite non-athletic moment of your college career so far?
FRABONI: Of the many great times I have had so far in my college career, getting a chance to work so closely with Special Olympics last year is my favorite. I was fortunate enough to assist as a coach for the Fargo power lifting team, and it was a great experience. Many laughs, lessons learned and friends made.
MIAC: What are your future plans, and how has your experience as a Division III student-athlete shaped you for success beyond college?
FRABONI: Being a sophomore, my future plans are still somewhat unclear.  Right now, my plans are to go to graduate school for physical therapy.  I know that being a student-athlete has made me a multi-faceted student. It has helped to give me flexibility to adapt to many different situations and schedules, and I feel that this will be very helpful in life beyond college.
MIAC: Thanks to Domenic for joining the MIAC Media Blog's Q&A Series! Stay tuned to the blog throughout the week to get to know some of the conference's outstanding student-athletes, and visit the MIAC's Division III Week Home Page to see all the events and content throughout the conference through this very special week!

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