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The second-annual NCAA Division III Week runs from Monday, April 8, to Sunday, April 14. To help in this week-long celebration of all the attributes that makes Division III great, the MIAC Media Blog is highlighting some of the members of the conference's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

The MIAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) supports student-athletes by providing the communication of ideas and concerns between student-athletes and the MIAC within a structure that will promote active involvement. MIAC SAAC is also committed to engaging in campus and community service projects and to serving as positive role models for their peers and younger student-athletes.

Join us in celebrating Division III athletics throughout the week, and get to know some of the MIAC SAAC student-athletes. Happy Division III Week!

MIAC Media Blog - Division III Week SAAC Q&A
Nicki Mosbeck, St. Catherine University

Name: Nicki Mosbeck
School: St. Catherine University
Sport: Women's Hockey
Year: Junior
Hometown: Emo, Ontario, Canada
Major: ASL Interpreting

MIAC: What do you think is the most important aspect of NCAA Division III that should be celebrated during Division III Week?

MOSBECK: It's important how hard we work both as athletes and scholars. We don't take our schooling and athletics lightly. Working hard at both a mental and physical wellness each and every day is something to be applauded; not everyone can do it and it's not a walk in the park. It takes a special person to want to strive both in an academic setting and on the court, ice, field, course or whatever their sport may be.

MIAC: What is your favorite aspect of being a Division III and MIAC student-athlete?

MOSBECK: Having the opportunity to achieve a high education while playing a sport I love. The college atmosphere is great but having the opportunity to be involved both academically and athletically has made my experience even better.

MIAC: Name someone at your school who has made a huge impact on either your athletic or academic career. How has their guidance influenced you?

MOSBECK: One of our seniors this year Becky Clifton, has made a big impact on my athletic career. She is a phenomenal hockey player who received All-MIAC honors this season after tearing her ACL in the previous season. Her determination and dedication was something that I admire in an athlete. She has taught me how to deal with certain aspects of hockey and athletics and always pushed me to be a better player both on and off the ice.

MIAC: What's your favorite athletic moment of your college career so far?

MOSBECK: After having the second half of our 2012-13 season not go as we were hoping, we fought our way back into a playoff spot and learned a lot as a team. We went through an experience that is hard to come out of on top and ended up clInching a playoff spot with out very last win of the season.

MIAC: What are your future plans, and how has your experience as a Division III student-athlete shaped you for success beyond college?

MOSBECK:  My future plans are to return to St. Kate's in fall of 2013 with one season left and hope to make the absolute best of it. Enjoy each and every day that I have the opportunity to be in the weight room with teammates or on the ice with my teammates and coaches. It will be over before I know it so I am planning to take everything I have learned in the past three years and, to the best of my ability, pass on my knowledge to the younger players and underclassmen and make the best out of our season. Hockey here at St. Kate's has made me a more well-rounded person. I know how to be flexible and how to work together to accomplish a common goal; but doing all this while still maintaining a high GPA and receiving a high education at a great University.

MIAC: Thanks to Nicki for joining the MIAC Media Blog's Q&A Series! Stay tuned to the blog throughout the week to get to know some of the conference's outstanding student-athletes, and visit the MIAC's Division III Week Home Page to see all the events and content throughout the conference through this very special week!

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